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I got the airhead running right again today (that's a different silly story), and at the good hardware store i got two more 8mm 1.25 bolts with allen drive heads to fit as TDC locking bolts. one is 50mm the other 45. The issue is all the weird clearances. A hex bolt head runs into the case and didn't seat well into the crank. The 50mm allen bolt I bought today probably doesn't have enought thread length to do the job either. The 45 worked well. More on all this crap when i take the bolt out of the engine later.

But I got the rotor off, nice and smoothly, as advertised.

Up to this point in the story the right cover is off and hanging loose.

The 14mm hex wrench is thrust into the big nut on the crank. Penetration is disapointing, maybe 3/16"

Now is when the Top Dead Center screw is easy to feel into place. With the big wrench on the crank and a gentle touch on the TDC bolt it was simple to "feel" the screw into the almost invisible slot on the crank. As mentioned above I had to pull the spark plugs out to figure out where TDC is, JR did it with the plugs in place, ymmv.

Ok, there's no rocket science here, just a big tight bolt. Lefty loosy, I had set my torque wrench to 105 ft/lbs = about 140NM (the tightening spec). I got to the click, nothing budged. I sat down with my adult beverage and turned the 1250 watt heat gun to max. Three or four minutes later I tried the wrench again. Then......

the bolt smoothly comes loose, with constant pressure, a little beyond the torque wrench click. a minute or so later after the high fives and pictures, the bolt and rotor were no where near hot. this step didn't take much heat, maybe none.

in this hole, where the puller(pusher) is headed, I was concerned that it looks like there's some kinda coppery colored washer. That's not in the plan, will it crush in some unplanned way?

Way to close up of the special puller/pusher tool. a more advanced device may never by made, I hope it doesn't break.

penetration...........I did smear a little dirty motor oil on the end of the puller_pusher where it contact the priceless crankshaft, because it was already in the bottom of the rotor.

Refresh your adult beverage at this intermission, I did.

"Gravity, sometimes it works better than I want it to" -- Land

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