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The rotor comes off, no surprises

I'm following the NBC lead and annoucing the winners early.

Now for the tape delay.......

while you were out refreshing your beverage, and whatever, I was pointing the heat gun on max towards the center of the rotor. 3 or 4 minutes, I try the wrench again. The 105 ft/lbs clicks at me with a laugh.

More beverage, more heat gun. Wrench again......this seems odd.....this feels like a bolt coming apart, very tight, relaxing in a very slow manner. but, it's working. at or about the click on the torque wrench, the puller started moving in. It was quite tight for the first few turns. There was no "crack" as things broke loose.

This mess is HOT!!!!! But nowhere near the 100C as suggested in the manuals. See the goo residue on the shaft. It wiped off easily.

Now the rotor is off, goal #5c. Now I need to find some Loctite 648 and re-assembly should go much faster.

"Gravity, sometimes it works better than I want it to" -- Land
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