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Day 1 (6/8/12): ~320kms

About the road? Nothing special, it was the highway through Belgium. I didn't want to lose my time in that country (I hate they roads). Anyway I arrived in Aachen at 11 and it's my pleasure to present you “biker's heaven”. It's one big BMW and Harley dealer with 5 floors full of BIKES yeah!! (and in it a Bar and a restaurant... what more do you want?... oh I know... A Touratech store? Here it is!)

So I went in there for a Zego Pro topcase + platform and I went out with a top case, extra fuel holder, side stand enlarger + the platform for the case and fuel holder... man I love shopping in there. I talked to the Touratech vendor and he told me stories about some hard core riders and one from Luxembourg, a millionaire, who's spending his time riding his f800gs. He climbed the highest mountain of every continent and he even wrote a book about his trips. Dreamy isn't it?

So after the chit chat I mounted the top case on my bike. Sadly the screws were to tight so I asked the mechanics for their help. They were so nice that they mounted the whole thing for me, making me look like a weak sponge (that I surly am :o)

Anyway, I spent my afternoon with my grandparents and the evening at my best friends father. She is now working in Paris for the summer... irony? Sure why not :o). But who care if I can enjoy a couple of beers with her father and ordering a pizza to celebrate the beginning of my adventure. I hope tomorrow will be more fun... like no-highway-at-all fun. I'm looking at the sky now and I think someone up there doesn't want me to have fun because it's all gray. If it doesn't rain during the night it will tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers.

Here are the pics of the day.

The bike is ready to start it's journey.

Biker's heaven... Bikes everywhere and a restaurant... and a bar... and TOURATECH :o)

Every TT farkle imaginable... it can be yours for only 20.000€...

Inside of biker's heaven...

My new Topcase... man am I happy :o)
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