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Day 2 (7/8/12): ~630km – Total 950km

Ah day two... how you inspired me driving through landscapes with nothing but green land and trees... You did wake the philosopher in me... ok now it's getting cheesy.
So it began with a quick breakfast and trying not to wake my best friends father (he wasn't singing as he promised dirty songs but he didn't end well though). I enjoyed some heavy duty Müsli (kinda like a horses meal but with some yogurt in it, it becomes a glue-like paste. Anyway eventually he woke up and we had some coffee together. Then we talked about some stories about Germany's secret history and about the theory that the Nazi's believed in a black sun and that the 1000 age Reich was in the bible told by Jesus to a German-Roman soldier (I'll give you the 1000 age Reich). I like listening to his stories because he's a great teller. But with that I already go one hour late.

The plan for today was to head up to Wolfsburg, sleep there and then go to Berlin the next day. After 5 hours on the bike looking at sheep, landscapes, the new electric windmills and some unfriendly riders (didn't even say hello to me o0), I changed the destination to Berlin to see what's left. As expected only 2 hours more. Hmmm... the motivation was there but I finally agreed with myself to see in about 3 hours at 6pm if I'm tired or not and if I could find a safe and nice spot to camp.

Whilst doing that, I crossed a city where a factory caught my eyesight. I thought it was Lenin... but no it is Fritz Züchner and looking at that “mosaic” I think he was a butcher.

Nothing, niet at 6pm... for 50kms only farms with corn everywhere! Impossible to plant my tent. I was indeed tired but I didn't want to go in a camping place.
I ended up calling my friend and told him that I'll be in Berlin in about 3 hours. Immediately after the phone call I saw a sign that my decision was the right one... the Shuberth factory... looked great from the outside but I'm sure it was closed... and anyway I hadn't much time to waste.

I arrived at 9pm in Berlin, my friend met me up one hour later at the Alexanderplatz. We had a nice Currywurst together and headed “home” to drink a couple of beers. We talked for hours and had great plans for my stay in Berlin: doing all the touristic places (he's like me from France and for the first time there), picking up our piece of the wall (with our own tools... by night) and buying him a helmet :o).

Here are the pics of the day.

My best friends dad, a very nice man and great story teller. Would like to go camping with him (and of course his daughter) just to listn' to his stories next to a bonfire)

Here is where they live... I love spending time there :o)

not one car in sight...

Fritz Züchner (alias Lenin o0) and his mosaic:

I would like to know in what the pig is jumping...

Landscapes again

Being extinguished - My last rest before the "finishride to berlin"

Arriving in Berlin: The Alexanderplatz!
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