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Ok I have had some more planning done. I have scratched the idea of using the bikes we own and buying 2 KLRs. We went to the dealership to check them out to see if my girlfriend can sit on the bikes. The 08+ KLRs look huge and she had trouble sitting on them and touching the ground.
It is easy to lower a KLR with lowering links on the rear suspension the front can be dropped by moving the fork tubes up. Be sure to do the doo-hickey conversions on both before you leave. On my recent trip to the area I saw some guys loading up a KLR for a dead trip home because the balancer chain derailed and totaled the engine. Get the torsion spring version. Some will say that the newer KLR's don't need them, and while the doo-hickey is built better, the spring still does not have enough tension. My son's 2008 had no spring tension left when we did the install on his at 3,700 miles. On the older bike, make sure that the plastic wear pad on the front of the swingarm is good. I met a guy who had a chain break on one on the Dempster because the pad had worn through.
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