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Originally Posted by Wallowa View Post
I am clueless but it seems to show with a -20 IAT shift the AFR is more consistent in the 15-14:1 AFR [?]
Good questions. In the upper plot, it shows what my 1150RT engine does with a reset motronic and E10 fuel. It runs leaner than 14.7.

The lower plot shows what happens after I shift the temp by -20C. The whole Open loop curve gets about 6% richer. That's what the device is supposed to do.

In the little plots on the right, you can see one set of data is centered around 15:1 and the other (lower) is centered around 14:1. That means the shift made the Open Loop richer.

You can easily see these effects by running the test. Once you Close the Loop and let the O2 sensor get into the act, things change.
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