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Originally Posted by djg View Post
Anyone who thinks they can skill or think their way out of any potential accident is IMHO, delusional. Deer, sudden left turner, diesel fuel puddle are all out of your control.

Deer = get to know the roads you travel well and where they tend to cross (pretty east to spot their trails) and you can cut the risk of Deer by a good 3/4. Keep alert to things that change their patterns (new housing developments, the season, what's planted in what field = you get the idea)

Sudden left turners = nothing sudden about them. Expect it and allow reaction time/space for it.

Diesel fuels = Best thing I ever did was buy lightly tinted polarized lenses. They allow you to spot slick spots in the road due to the oil-like prism effect it gives off. Tar snakes that are heated enough to be slick, do the same thing. (as do reg. oil and gas slicks)

I.M.H.O. if you are riding within your level of skill and observant as well as clued in on a few tricks...even the things you name above are not unavoidable.
There's nothing delusional about knowing what you can and can't handle.

Now, if you subscribe to having to blast down roads you hardly know, way in excess of the speed limits....I'll admit that the above things you mention, might be a little hard to avoid.

Just curious = can you see the difference between skill and delusion yet?
If you also ride when your head isn't 100% in're also asking to bite it.
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