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Well now I am truly puzzled.
I was "hoping" to find a bad diode in the RR. Turns out they're all good... Top and Bottom diodes all check out in both directions.

So could it really be the RR?
If I'm correct, checking the diodes is the equivalent of checking the Rectifier part, so perhaps it's the Regulator part that has gone bad? In my googling last night, I think I read somewhere that it was possible to test this portion, but apparently it's pretty complex, so no directions were available.

Anyone know how, or should I just spring for a new Rick's Motorsport RR now hoping this will solve my problems.
I think at this point, all that is left to do is to check relays and the other diodes on the bike, but I'm not so sure they pertain to my issues?? Seems like they mainly control the start / kill functions of the bike. No problems there.

Any thoughts before I drop $150 + overnight shipping in 1.5 hours??
Does anyone out there have the info on the min OHM of the generator coils, or the expected VAC at a specific RPM? Can't believe KTM doesn't have this info listed.

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