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Originally Posted by GZERO View Post
i don't see things that bad, altough i can see that battery is not that good, what is teh voltage on the batery when cranking the engine? i bet is somewhere around 10 volts
Just tried to give it a turn over after it sitting for at least 30 mins.
Resting voltage 12.7 V (75% charge?), Lowest voltage 9.5V, and highest voltage after letting it sit for a few minutes, and then reving up to 8K, only 13.7V.

Yes, the battery probably took a major hit in its life when I shorted the two wires.. it was brand new before that, a month and a half out of the box, with only about 2 weeks worth of use and a life on the tender.

Perhaps a new battery would solve some of the starting issues I had, and yes, it does seem that it is getting a full charge from the system (maintaing its 12.7V) but what about these inconsistent voltage readings while riding. This is what really concerns me. A system the drops to 12.7V when the fan runs?? Doesn't seem right. At all.
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