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Originally Posted by GZERO View Post
what starting issues?
Sorry, I guess I should have mentioned this.
A couple times on my trip it didn't quite have the juice to start.

First one was out of nowhere. Was riding along on the interstate just fine.
Stopped for gas, bike wouldn't start. Rolled it away from the pump. Tried again, and it started. Went to ride it, gave it some throttle, and it died off, threw a FI light etc. Basically too low of a voltage it seemed to me at the time.

Let it rest again, paid careful attention to let the ECU finish it's startup cycle before hitting the button. It started and off I went. During this rest period I did some tests, and the battery was registering in fine at that 12.7 V.

Later in the day I got brave again and went to tackle some trails. Fell over, did my thing. But basically the bike was warm and fan got some use. Got to the end of the trail, but there was a good bit of start / stop along the route. Turned off the bike at the end to rest. Tried to start again after a careful wait period of ECU boot. No bueno. Turned off bike, waited again, tried again and it started fine.

Hmmm, maybe I should check those starter relays after all....

EDIT: After letting the bike run for a bit to test how low the battery would drop during start, I just walked back out and looked at the meter, looks like it is sitting at 13.03 V right now.
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