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Originally Posted by GZERO View Post
What accessories do you have on your bike? list them
two fans?
it's a 990 so it always have the lights running, correct?
What brand of battery and model do you have there?
Any charger at hand? (if so, what amps does it puts out?
(do you have whatsapp messenger or Blackberry messenger? so i can help you out chating)
Just the one fan.
Actually, with that most recent test ride, the headlight was pulled.
It's a DEKA battery, AGM in standard size.
I do have a charger here, it's a Die Hard charger... says automatic with a switch for low main or maint-free batteries and it can output 2A, 10A, and 50A

As far as accessories... I have an Eastern Beaver PC-8 fuseblock connected to the positive post near the starter relay. It's got 2 pos lines that run off, unswitched 20A, switched 30A. Connected to this, not much. 10A Unswitched SAE connector (unconnected). 5A GPS mount switched, and 2A voltmeter switched.

Downloading the WhatsApp messenger right now. Will shoot you a PM with my username once I get it setup.
Thanks so much!
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