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Originally Posted by Poolside View Post
That is true, it would register at a wide open throttle dyno run. But from what I'm reading that isn't what you're after, Train.

I'm reading your previous post, link here, and here's what you say in there:

"...a little smoother from takeoff.."
"...the bike certainly felt punchier.."
"...55mph in 6th gear felt smoother.."
"...Noticeably less stumble when I blip for downshifts.."
"...the motor seemed both stronger and smoother.."

These partial-throttle dynamic events aren't really measurable on the typical dyno setup.

An eddy-brake Dynojet will most certainly measure part-throttle performance, and either a wideband O2 sensor or exhaust sniffer will certainly measure AFR/Lambda while that's happening.

I'm not getting the defensiveness. Roger's datalogging clearly shows your product is working (and just saved me a few hours of dyno time). No one's attacking you, no one's questioning your product. It works, and it's measurable.

You should be ecstatic about this.
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