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Originally Posted by '05Train View Post

An eddy-brake Dynojet will most certainly measure part-throttle performance, and either a wideband O2 sensor or exhaust sniffer will certainly measure AFR/Lambda while that's happening.

I'm not getting the defensiveness. Roger's datalogging clearly shows your product is working (and just saved me a few hours of dyno time). No one's attacking you, no one's questioning your product. It works, and it's measurable.

You should be ecstatic about this.
I am. I am very happy about the possibility. But I'm a little less happy to have misinformation, even if it is in my favor. You know, otherwise I'm just engaging in marketing hoopla.

I'm sure glad to have the O2 sensor graphs that Roger posts up. When we get to the IICE Smooth product, his O2 Sensor graphs will be even more valuable. But a couple of the interpretations of those graphs are a little misleading, and I think it makes sense to comment on that. An O2 sensor is a great tool for constrained-input long term measurement of exhaust oxygen. Beyond that, it's a blunt instrument.

I am also very happy about the possibility of independent instrumented dynamic testing. However a typical dyno isn't going to readily provide that information. Information that your butt dyno is exquisitely calibrated for.

Lastly, can we leave the notion of defensiveness out of this, since you are merely reporting your own perceptions? Which I'm happy to have, provided they're limited to the IICE Air performance.


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