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To finish the critter list...
We saw hawks and maybe an eagle. There was a quail or grouse and a turtle who could have qualified for the Olympics. He had just started to cross the forest road when we locked 'em up and were going to go pay him a visit. He was across and gone before we could put a foot down.

There were dogs. A Weiner dog chased us behind his fence. A JRT chased us in the street. New rule: All dogs must start barking as soon as they see the bike. They may NOT wait untill they are at ankle nipping range as this scares the crap out of the rider!

Horses and cows were at the farms as expected and there was one horse being ridden in the forest. We finally came upon it after tracking manure piles for miles.

Here's a nice pin up for you sick FF's:

There was a kid, maybe 12 years old who loaded the goat into a van. What does one do with a goat anyway? Meat? Milk? Never mind, I don't want to know.
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