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for the Jesse crowd:

GB thanks for starting this thread. I’ve been eyeballing the ADVTank for a while now but was waiting to see if anyone with Jesse Bags would install......................guess that’d be me:

Jesse bag mounts run over the top of the rear mounting bolts.

This creates a problem with the standard kit provided by AdvTank. Basically everything needs to be jacked up 30mm. So with Threads All M8 x 1.25 (found at local machine shop), I removed the threaded studs and added new ones that were 30mm longer.

From left to right:

Front posts: 1) old stud 80mm, 2) old stud in barrel 141mm, 3) new stud 109mm, 4) new stud in barrel 167mm (86mm of thread showing)

Rear posts: 1) old stud 38mm, 2) old stud in barrel 118mm, 3) new stud 69mm, 4) new stud in barrel 143mm (45mm of thread showing)

Fortunately, AdvTank provides a number of spacers. The pic below shows 1 x 26mm. In my final configuration I used 3 spacers (not pictured) of different lengths (26mm+12mm+6mm) on each front post.

Because the tank is 30mm elevated on the Jesse bag mounting point, I wanted to brace the forward edge of the tank since it is now basically on stilts.

I trimmed a spare motor mount down to 30mm and then used a router to cut a groove down the center so that it sits flush on the back deck.

I did have to run a tap through the front barrels because the bolts would not fit flush against the top plate. Everything else runs per the instructions.

EDIT: Topped the main tank and then filled the AdvTank with 1.6 gallons on the side stand and rode 93 miles. At that point the main tank took 0.45 gallons but the AdvTank would only hold 1.5 gallons (again on the side stand). Guess where the rest went?

Fortunately The gas cooled the hot muffler and did not combust.....

So, I think we'll call this good.
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