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Originally Posted by DriftDragon View Post
poolside... is there a way to do diagnostics on the component itself to verify its performing as designed? I mean what if his is just somehow flipped back to the setting that does not alter the throughput signal? It shouldn't be too hard to verify the device is working.

Does anyone know if BMW service has a way to verify the bike onboard computer is responding to input as designed?

Just curios but it seems like a logical way to verify things.
Let me ++ on the GS-911 as a means of checking the operation of the IICE Air. But if you are handy with a DVM and know what you are looking for you can check the resistance of the output as well.

But let me add that these units are encased in carbomite and short of a fire or bomb going off there is no way they are going to "somehow flipped back to the setting that does not alter the throughput signal"… (just kidding about the carbomite but it might as well be…)

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