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We got back onto the black trail and it was looking EXTRA black to me.

I believe that a crappy two track can easily be worse than single track.

The steep downhill section has a deep washout on the right side. It's full of very loose baby heads and other bike thrashers. The high side looks a lot better but has two issues. First, it's next to the middle which is formed like a Mr. T Mohawk. If you get either wheel up against that it's going to get interesting pretty quick. Second, did I mention the lack of storm damage clearing? Taking the high side is only temporary. The first tree in your face and your headed for the low side. I took the low side. I figured I'd be there soon enough anyway.

On the way down I was having some thoughts. Will my wife come see me in the hospital 700 miles from home? Will she send me a card? Will my bike become part of someone's still? Meth lab?

The GPS shows the road ending at the stream and then starting again farther down stream. I expected to have to ride the bike through a lot of water but it was only 20' or so before the road reappeared. After that we had a few trees to go under and some crowns to roll over.

Once off the black and onto the blue it was really nice riding.

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