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Oh yeah today no riding but walking... but man did we walk. My friend has the excuse that he's only been in Berlin for one week but I think his orientation sense got mixed up when he was born. We walked around Berlin for 6 hours and managed somehow to not see every sight seeing thingy (I'm just talking about seeing it, not visiting) on their tourist map, which is not that big (and somehow we always walked in circles). Tomorrow we'll continue that Berlin visiting and actually go visit some museums. I'll post some pics trying to avoid the classic touristic places (if you want to see some I still can edit and upload some).

Pics of the day:

A Stormtrooper explaining to two soldiers how to handle war... or at least I think so :o)... oh yeah behind it's the Brandenburger Tor. I think you don't need a pic of it, you see it everywhere (but if you want one I still can edit).

I love Berlin for its parks inside the big city. It was a nice summer day and a lot of artists were around.

They played some awesome music. On second thought I should have bought their CD.

Another touristic spot (I try to avoid posting them but I simply love this one: In the memory of all Jews killed during WW2: going from 1m up to 3m).

Here is my friend Ben in the park... He says it looks like a Bretzel

ok I admit it... I cheated on my bike :o)

That fountain made my day. It looks very nice with a lot of details. Amazing!

Again some artists making the map of Berlin with (I think) chalk.

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