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Originally Posted by GoNOW View Post
I don't see a problem with your charging system.

At idle, the bikes stator (and your AC test confirm it's working fine) is not putting out a lot of power. Also, the fan and lights use a lot of power. So seeing 12.7 at idle with the fan on would not worry me. I am guessing you just started the bike and let it idle to warm up. In this case, it's had very little time to bring up the battery to a fuel charge. If you road the bike around for 10 minutes, then you would see a higher voltage and the fan turning on would make less of an impact.
I wish this was the case, but unfortunately, with the fan on I see 12.7 while riding too. Interstate speeds none the less, and this isn't just after turning the bike on and letting it come to idle. This is after a few hours of riding too.

Originally Posted by GoNOW View Post
And as long as the charging system gets into the mid 13V at cruising speed, then I would also not worry. 14V is nice, but can overcharge a battery if it stays at that voltage for too long. But AGM batteries like a higher voltage.
Something I neglected to mention, over the course of my trip my 5K cruising voltage seemed to drop. It went from that comfortable 13.4, down to only 13V.. As I got very close to my destination, my ABS warning light came on showing it was no longer active. This happened a few times, each time I stopped... turned the bike off to let the system reset and restarted. Seems to me that the ECU was starting to shut things off from too low of power.

Originally Posted by GoNOW View Post
I have a volt meter on my 950 and the voltage has always been all over the place, but it's in the 13V range when cruising and that is all that really matters. I got 6 years out of the stock battery. But I do keep it on a trickle charger when I leave it parked for more then a week.
Thanks, this is incredibly helpful to hear! That's one thing I have not gotten any feedback on, is a frame of reference for a standard. When cruising though, it it moving around, because mine will not jump, it simply decreases voltage as RPM's increase. There is a definite correlation between the two. And it seems backwards to me.
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