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Scott's Bluff to Sioux Falls was again, a long, straight high speed scorcher.
With a lot more of this:

Coulda had a picnic on this road. Complete with fried eggs. Just crack em on the asphalt.
A tire check at this point had me wonderin, 'Where did the round part go?'
The only thing, really to report here is the old Dylan song Mr. Jones, running thru my head. You know; 'Oh, my God, am I here all alone?' And, 'You know something is happening but you don't know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jones?'
Took me a while to figure out what was happening, but I do know now. Ever since I came into the good ol US of A at Montana I have been seeing about 95% Harleys. Not being a big fan of that culture I pretty well didn't connect to the whole Sturgis thing. Didn't even really know where it was. But the closer I got to Sioux Falls, the more apparent it became. Forced to ride I 90 for a good 120 miles the whole Oh my God tune started rolling thru my head. But, for a little comic relief I was rewarded shortly after that with hthe sight of a traveller going by in the opposite direction with a little scooter lid on (small wise choice) golf shirt, kakie pants(don't even know how to spell it and neither does spell check) on a Burgman. Now, that gave me a chuckle. The mood was quickly dashed, however, when a Harley overtook me at about 95 mph with the typical sunglasses, doorag and no shirt. (how do they survive the bee stings?) So, in answer to my being queried Are you going to Sturgess? I now understand and add that I'm not much of a crowd type of guy.
Sioux Falls and the Quality inn at 1:30 brought me life reviving AC and, because I'd never seen this packaging idea before, one of these.

Love the explanation on the bag "Contains one pickle."

The next morning's early start was hampered a rolling thunderstorm and downpour that passed in an hour.
Heading straight north after that I geared up for the worst because the local news's radar was showing a massive cell right in my direction. It seems ol Thor had caught up to me once again and was ready to have his way with me.
I stopped to take this pic of this incredible cell looming over me and really started to weigh my options.

It hadn't hit by my turnoff and I noticed a truck stop there. Decided to err on the side of caution and pulled in.
Two other travelers from Georgia were there and we sat, chatted, had coffee and waited out the deluge.
After an hour the first wave had passed but looking to all points north showed us more of the same. I got the skinny from a local who was filling up who said he had just checked the radar 15 minutes ago and told us to drive around it.
Taking this option led us a good 50 miles straight west and then north another good 50 miles.
Heres another shot from the backside.

Even on the edge there were times of riding thru some pretty wet stuff and altho the rest of the day was dry, it was aparrent that Big Girl does not like rain. The rough running returned and again fuel additive seemed to fix it. Guess I'll just have to stock up.
It's off to the big lake today.
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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