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Originally Posted by TN3Sport View Post
The guy (company) that designed the frame, suspension, wheels for the rover owns a company that builds, among other things, mountain bikes. Litespeed is a high end titanium bike building company. They turned to aerospace when the bike industry crashed in 2007. Their bike sales have fallen off sharply since that time. This is the same company that designed Lance Armstrong's first Tour de France victory TT bike. It was made of titanium. (Had a Trek sticker on it...)

At any rate, I would love to see a US company build a titanium dual sport motorcycle. Not sure if its been done before. But, given they have built MTB's and Mars rovers out of titanium, I would imagine they could do it for motorcycles. Super strong, super light...
Strong? You meant to say stiff, right? Titanium would not stand up to the rigors of off road riding and the flexural modulus that offroad riding requires, the tubes would be fine, but all of the welds would fall part with one good day in the Cali deserts. A road bike like Armstrong's would never see the bashing thatoffloadd bikes get and this Martian machine will never go fast enough to stress the material or the welds.

I had titanium pipe berths and stanchions on my Grand Prix offshore racer and they all broke welds routinely because they can't flex properly without breaking welds.

Great material if used correctly, not for a dirt bike though.
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