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Escape the Heat - Head for the Hills

We get our fair share of hot weather in the summer, and right now we been getting around/above 100 degree's. So, if I'm gonna squeeze in a ride, I'll have to head for the hills to stay cool. (I don't know how you folks who live in the desert SW and south deal with all the heat and/or humidity, my hats off to you all).

In order to ride in some shade, I headed to a familiar place I've ridden before, (Adams Creek/Mineral/Sturgill area), which is one of the closest area's with tree's, at a little over an hour away. It was a 100 degrees where I parked at, but I know it had to be in the 70's and 80's up higher. Much nicer than this forest fire smoke filled, heat inferno valley I live in. Cough, Cough, rub itchy eyes now!

Anyway, my objectives for the day:

1. Relaxing ride in the coolness of the mountain air. Result-Check.
2. Find some geocaches. Result-Not so check!
3. Exploring some roads/trails I haven't ridden yet. Result-Check

The route: Start up Adams Creek f.s. road, ride the ridge, explore the back way into Mineral from up top, and explore some other roads.

No picture, but once on top of the ridge, it was a no-go for finding the first cache. I was right there and couldn't find it. Maybe it's gone, but I'll put the blame on me for not finding it. 0 for 1.

Next, I wanted to take another try at a cache one of my daughters and I couldn't find last year.

Wait, what!!! I'm growling now as the F.S. has closed the way into it, on motorized transport anyway. Wonder if this is permanent or just temporary closing to mitigate fire hazards. I see lots of ATV's and motorcycle's are ignoring the sign as I see plenty of tracks in the road, but my riding partner and I decide to turn around and look for another way to this cache. Legally.

I find another f.s. road only for it to dead end. Shucks, I'm 0 for 2!

Punch in cache #3 into the GPS and head that direction, only to find . . . wait for it . . . you guessed it, trail closed, 0 for 3. Looks like they mean it on this one.

Looks like the f.s. has/is trying to keep the internal combustion's out from exploring the west side of the ridge. They were open last year, boo hoo, but I'll abide by their decisions and not risk a fight with the man!

With the geocaches a bust, I decided to do some exploring and find the back way into Mineral. (By-the-way, just cause it looks like you can make it by looking at the maps and google earth, doesn't mean you should try it. Just throwing that out there!)

So off I go. Yee-haw!

Spot an old cabin/line shack/house along the road I'm trying to find. It's nothing spectacular or anything, but I am amazed at what good condition it's in.

Throw in some new window's and you'd have a nice fixer upper place

Wonderful mountain views

and your own corral during the fall roundup

Not sure if these come with the place, guessing not, but I think they're a little peeved at me for disturbing their afternoon nap!

I finally find the old back road to Mineral. It's in extremely poor shape!! It's very steep (in a downward direction), and has some ruts 3-4 feet deep in some places. I had to walk the TW in a couple places they were so bad. Looked good in google earth, but here, not so much. I would not recommend anyone try this road, to dangerous. An ATV would not make it for sure! I had almost no choice as going back up would have proved more challenging than continuing down.

This is the good part!

After a very cautious decent, I make it down the draw, only to find what could be a dangerous obstacle. I know I shouldn't cross it, but after some debate with my riding partner, who is thirsty, I go anyway and make it.

From here it was clear sailing (except for all the thistle bushes) and I make it too and through Mineral. I didn't take any new photo's of Mineral as I've posted some
in a couple previous RR's from last winter and spring, but I did take one on my way up out of Mineral, on the nice road. In the far distance is Oregon and Hell's Canyon, and some of the old mining roads just above Mineral which is in the valley below the roads. Oh, and the haze is from all the fire smoke we've been enjoying. Not!

All-in-all, I had a pretty good ride and can't complain. At least I was able to squeeze in another TW ride. Hope you enjoy!
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