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Originally Posted by djg View Post
So, you figure that even a superior rider with a superior intellect is still susceptible to 25% of deer incursions?
Susceptible = yes!
Must it always result in going down onto the road = no!
The difference is in the riders ability to scrub off enough speed before impact. I've hit 2 deer in my lifetime that might fall into the "unavoidable" catagory. Walked away both times due to keeping a level head, expecting them (keeping brakes covered) not panic braking and scrubbing off enough speed both times that all I got was a little hair on my front fender and a cracked headlight lense. (as the deer was left straddeling the front wheel..mostly uninjured, to dart back into the woods)
...and despite my "luck" above, I tend to say it has more to do with skill than luck because = I CAN'T HIT THE LOTTERY TO SAVE MY LIFE!
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