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It is starting to look like McDonalds is the new Starbucks! LOL! :Hap1:
They have wifi, good coffee frappes, and delicious fruit smoothies. Oy!, and that for someone who is against McDonalds and a vegetarian to boot! Being a hypocrite here! :(
I left Spanky's around 9 am and headed to the library to download the personal info and 1099 documents and faxed them to GoalZero.
If all is all right I should be receiving a list of training locations. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Then it was off to Arkansas. As i was nearing the Arkansas border it was noticeable getting greener, but not much cooler. The temp read 105!
I almost missed the sign again!

Right after crossing the border I noticed the sky getting darker and darker, sure enough it smelled like rain. I pulled under a deserted gas station roof and not a moment too soon too!! It started pouring with a capital P. Glad I found a roof!
I hung for a while and hit the road as soon as it slaked somewhat "safe".
The "plan" was to get to the Ozarks. The ride was gorgeous and chilly as well, I actually had to put in my jacket liners; it's amazing how much the rain will cool things down.
Sometimes the road would be totally covered by trees, some with vines.
Didn't snap a pic of those though, road was too curvy to ride with one hand.

As I neared the top of another hill I got a view of a different Arkansas, Wow!

That's the jungle I rode out of!

I rode till about 7 and found this little gem of a camping spot

Spanky told me to keep it to myself, but how could I? It's a wonderful little campground with only 8 spots.
And here is the camping fee

That ought to break anyone's bank! LOL

The place was very peaceful, and after I pitched up the tent and ate, I rested in the hammock and looked at the leaves above me and the night sky. This is living I thought! The sound of crickets filled the night air, and an occasional snapping of twigs as well. The deer were checking me out .

When I woke in the morning and wished Spirit good morning I noticed to my dismay that I had a flat tire. ?;>]--
Well, so much for kicking back today and relaxing.

Now doesn't this look familiar?

Taking of the wheel....No prob!!
Taking of the tire.......No way! I could not for the life of me break the bead!
Having a broken rib did not help much, any kind of real pressure hurt like hell and I just couldn't do it.
So what's a gal to do???
put rim on a strap, sling it over the shoulder, and stand on the road with my thumb out!
The first car that rode by stopped, two hillbillies heading to work.
We talked about stuff a while, and of course they asked where I was from, and I replied Hawaii.
Then the older guy said, " Well, I know something that we have here in Arkansas that you don't have in Hawaii! Big tits!"
Uhm..... what do you say to that? So I just said I wouldn't know, I just got to Arkansas yesterday. I guess if he was comparing my lack of "rack" to Arkansas, I have to admit that he was probably right, LOL :ImaPoser:
They dropped me off at a tire place, and wished me luck.
The first guy told me, "nope, can't help you," but then changed his mind and said hold on. The boss came, and turns out he used to ride, and he went and took the tube out and patched it for me. When I asked him how much, he said $5! I gave him $10, seeing as it was all the cash I had left. Needed to find an ATM.
I slung the strap back over my shoulder and walked to the Hwy 21 intersection. I had just gotten there when a lady stopped and gave me a ride halfway to Ozone, she was a nurse and had just gotten off work.
I had just planted my butt outside the little store when an older gent stopped and asked me where the rest of my bike was. I laughed and said at the Ozone campground. He asked if I wanted a ride as he was heading that way. Yay! Didn't even have to stick out my large thumb!
Turns out he was fixing up his VW camper, and was planning on a road trip himself.
I put the wheel back on no problem, and also replaced fuel filter, and cleaned air filter. I noticed that my vacuum hose clamp was loose, and the vacuum hose wiggled, so I thought maybe the vacuum hose is not airtight enough, I had that problem once with my Savage. So I put a different clamp on it.
Once I was done with everything I went in search of the water pump which one of the hillbillies had told me was at the campground. As I neared it I noticed a whole bunch of men just lying around. Turns out they were firefighters waiting to see if a fire would break out because of the lighting from the previous day. They hung out there doing nothing and playing frisbee till late in the evening. Wow, what a job! Looks like they had been really busy for a long time though, so they enjoyed having a break for a change.
I left camp around 10 the next morning, after a rough night. No matter which way I lie down, my rib bugs me. I also heard a really loud grumbling noise near the tent, and some animals, probably deer stampeding through the bushes.
It felt great riding again. Off to the North, Missouri!
Got stuck behind one of these this morning

Which way do I go?? Decisions, decisions!

Decided to go left to go and check out Eureka Springs. Spanky said it was a cool place.

Hmmm, think he got tired of flying!

It's a little after 2 and I should get going. I'm cooled down, and so is Spirit.
Actually it is not nearly as hot here as in Oklahoma.
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