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Originally Posted by Offcamber View Post
So if he was hit during the day then it wouldn't have been avoidable??

Deere jump out in the road all times of the day.

the only way to avoid every potential motorcycle riding accident is to never get on one....
The thread topic is ATGATT and I think this example points out why some of us choose not to ride ATGATT.

The guy who was hit by a deer and killed was an experienced, seasoned, safety expert returning from a safety conference and I'm going out on a limb to assume, given his credentials, that he was riding ATGATT.

Maybe he wasn't but lets say he was. He died while riding ATGATT, so had he been MOGATT or NOGATT would he have survived. Again an assumption but probalby not. So in the example cited, ATGATT did not seem to make a difference in the outcome.

As I said before, abrasions, broken bones, and road rash I can deal with, blunt force trauma to vital areas, not so much.
Any day on a dirt road is a great day
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