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Day 4 (9/8/12): ~0km – Total 950km

Still no motorcycling? Yeah no I'm sorry again :o) We did as I said visit the Museums in Berlin, thinking it was for free every Thursday (as it is notified on their website... but as we checked it again the website didn't update since '09. As we moved forward to the museums (like innocent students, with no bad intention whatsoever), two girls sitting in the grass asked us if we wanted to join them. It seemed to be a nice plan (instead of visiting the museums), but my friend declined in his best german, telling them that we had no time. “What the hell is wrong with him”, might you ask... so did I... and a couple of meters later we already regret our choice. As the perfect gentleman that I am I told him that we can't go back with empty hands... so we did check out a Kiosk to buy some beers.
As we head back to them they were already gone... (what a retard...). Anyway some other girls came to talk to us with a petition formula, and of course we did the ones who didn't understand crap, talking only french to them. They wished us a nice day and as they were far enough away my friend told me that these two girls were the same sitting in the grass. IT WAS A TRAP!! at the bright side: we had twice as much beer as we planned to drink anyway... isn't that always good news? We decided to chill another hour in the grass before heading to the museums.

The museums were pretty nice! They had the nofretete mask, the hammurabi statue (in law university they told us during 2 hours how important it is, being the first dictated law in history), one of the 7th world wonders (the ischtar gate).

After that we met some foreign students and hang out with them in a couple of bars. They came from everywhere in the world, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, China... We spent an amazing time talking with them and we got new friends.
Oh and did you know how amazing ADV stories are to pick up chicks? I mean I told them I came from France to Berlin on a bike just to visit a friend and they were all over me. If one day I'm single again I'll remember that one! Anyway I made some publicity for our website and I think we'll have some new lurkers around :o)
We decided to meet again the next day to play some beach volleyball and split up at 1am.
As my friend Ben and I were wondering around the streets we saw a big waiting line in front of us. As we read the sign above their heads we saw something about “versicherungen” or insurance if you want. Slightly confused and amused we talked to one guy in the waiting line and he told us that at the rooftop we would find the“hippest bar” in Berlin. Tired, we decided to go home instead.... Oh yeah about that... I told you about the “orientation sense” of my friend... for something that should have been an half hour walk we needed 3 hours. And no we weren't event that drunk... oh and yeah he had a map.

Anyway tomorrow beach volleyball and going to the east side gallery.

Pics of the day.

oh yeah... good times hanging in the park after escaping "the trap"

ok just posting some of my favorites museum pics. shot like 200 pics from the 4 main museums on the "museum island" so if you want more just scream!

The following two made my day. I mean I was really really happy seeing them. Like a child on X-mas eve. I mean you go through a big ass door and there it is PAAAF one of the seven world wonders... just there you can touch it, it's beautiful, so much history, the gate of babylon!

I think this one is maybe even more important to me than the gate. I mean they teach you a lot of useless stuff in university and when they talk you about some ancient thingys that were important because some god send it to earth but this one is from an actual king and seeing this in some non important corner and having one of these WTF moments is just better than a cold beer on a hot summer day! period!

a last one? I simply needed to take a pic of our "meter of beer" for two persons. Thanks to that meter we met the other students. hmm like ants attracted to shugar... maybe this will increase the readers of my RR. oh and if you're wondering... yes indeed that is a strudel :o)
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