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Day 5 (10/8/12): ~0km – Total 950km

My last day in Berlin... a bit sad I have to say, I really really liked it here. This city is amazing and I think I'll come back very very quickly.
Anyway after a brief sleep I took my bike and went to the East-Side gallery. It's the old Berlin wall painted with spray cans by artists from all over the world. It's 1km long and one of the free artistic stuff you have to see when you're coming to this town. Anyway I'll post some pics of the spray-art but if you want some more I took a picture of every single one (about 140) for those who can't come to Germany.

During the afternoon we met the students from yesterday and played some beach volleyball. It was a lot of fun and really quickly we all communicated in English because it was so much easier to communicate strategies etc. Anyway the bad part came at about one hour into the game. I twisted my ankle quite badly. The thing is that I already twisted it 3 weeks ago and that it was still fragile and did hurt when I pushed it a bid harder to one or the other side, you know the feeling. Anyway now I'm at his apartment whilst he is out there partying... ah life you can be so unfair. Now that gives me time to make me a bandage and hope that I can walk correctly tomorrow and most importantly during the die ärzte concert in 2 days. Lets cross our fingers. Anyway now I also have time to complete my RR and to pack up my stuff for tomorrow... whilst drinking beer (of course).

Pics of the day.

a classic one.The line reads: "Dear god, please help me surviving that deadly love"

I really like this one. "we tried to bring color to the other side". not much but the meaning is really powerfull.

"we need to deconstruct walls"

the volleyball game, meaning the end of my ankle, now the real adventure can start!
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