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Originally Posted by HalfPlate View Post
A fellow ADV Rider and I will be competing in the 2012 GS Trophy Qualifying at the end of September and I wanted to hit up the knowledge bank that is the GSpot for some advice. I am looking for advice on tires, things to remove, things to add, etc....

Here is the fun part!! -- If you had to set-up a 07 GS1200 for 3 days of off road torture what would you do?

1. most aggressive tires -- off road only, mud, gravel, and woods riding
2. weight -- obviously the panniers are out, but what else should I pull off?
3. add on -- my bike is just about stock, I do have engine guards but that's it in the way of protection, should I add stump guards and the rest for 3 days riding?
4. misc off road prep -- I am sure there will be water crossing and the like, what are the known problem areas on the GS with this type riding?

-Thanks in Advance

And don't worry plenty of before, during, and after pictures will be posted.

I will take a stab. First I have the same bike. I have engine bars and that is it. However I switched to knobbies. I am considering going as well. I called BMW (in the East qualifiers) here is the deal. You will be traveling all loaded up on the second day to a seperate camp ground for the second night. That means everything you need for camping, you will need to bring along with you. 2nd point, they are inviting everyone and all levels of ability to join in. To me that means, they will not be putting you and all your stuff at too much risk. So I suspect the evaluation sections will be with unloaded bikes. I doubt they will want to be pulling a bunch of noobs out of rivers and such. I am guessing this will be mostly slow speed technical trials where you might knock off a mirror, but not much else. The canidate they seem to be looking for the most will likely be some computer geeks that live on facebook and such. In their discriptions the event looks like mostly GS fun, a little testing, and then they expect the chosen folks to be real good at the social media stuff. Meaning I am out of any contention there. But, I would like to just have the fun as they generally do it up right. PS. I have been their to the off road school and they tend towards the do everything right type of folks.

I asked when the cut off date is and they said when they hit 200 . I am guessing they don't want 200 stranded GS's in the woods
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