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Originally Posted by speedygee68 View Post
I'm recouping after a interesting little 'get-off' while I was up at WMRS. Just some bruised ribs, but as soon as I can take a full deep breath without the pain, game on....oh yeah, and when it cools below 106 too.
Yea the lame part when I hurt my foot is that I didn't even crash. It's the worst injury I've had in my life and I've crashed pretty hard in my many years riding. Just typing this reminds me of the time I went for a pass on my buddy who was in a Honda pilot in some whoops out by baldy Mesa. I remember coming together and his Rear tire and my foot peg came together and I went sailing over the top and thudded on my back in the whoops. I flew like 20 feet. Of course I was like 22 then.

Another good one was when I was 17, brand new to me ktm300 dxc 1992, 5th gear pinned on the uphill road jump at dove springs. Missed the downshift to 4th and when I went sailing 50 feet in the air seeing that cliff comIng right at me made me rethink my stupidness. When I landed the bike came to a dead stop and I bounced over the bars. Closest I've come to death on a motorcycle until I started riding dual sport dodging cars.
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