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Originally Posted by BMWORBUST View Post
Okay. I will like this one. Love bikes, cameras, post processing and great reads.

Post your gear, hot and colder weather to come. Camera, computer, software and storage of each.

Give us a laundry list.

Geez! Anything else?

Helen models the riding gear.

We both wore Olympia AirGlide jackets and pants. This gear works great for hot weather and is made largely of air-mesh polyester weave. We both wore polyester t-shirts and
athletic shorts underneath. When it cooled down we added layers of sweaters and the "waterproof" insulated liner tops and bottoms. If things got really wet and/or cold we had
Tourmaster Sentinel rainsuits. We both wore Scorpion Helmets. I had Sidi Discovery Rain boots and Helen had some last minute cheap touring boots from Cycle gear. Both were
supposedly waterproof. We both had 3 pairs of gloves.

The riding gear worked well for us on this trip. There is no way I can handle non-mesh riding gear in the hot climates like many of you obviously do.

On the top case is the tent.
The stock seat has an Airhawk pad for Helen (Though I had to borrow it about 1.5 days)

Left Column: (Top to Bottom)
Stuffed in the glove box and under the seat: Jumper Cables, Tire Levers, Patch Kits, Zip Ties, Extra Cam-Buckle Straps, KTM Toolkit, Extra Tools, Metal repair putty
Stuffed in Our Pockets: Chain Lube, Bug Spray, Sunblock, Headlamp, 2 flashlights, 2 Leatherman Tools, 5 Hour Energy

Right Pannier: (Top to Bottom)
Extra Stuff Sacks, Waterproof Bag, Swimwear, 1 Pair of Jeans for Each, 1 Extra Shorts Each, 4 Extra Shirts Each, 2 Extra Pair Riding Socks Each, 2 Pair Casual Socks,
2 Pair Hiking/Running/Casual Shoes, 2 Toiletries Bags (I really tried to condense it to one, but no way), 2 small towels and washcloths, Handwarmers for Helen,
KTM Oil Filter, Giotto Rocketblaster (For Cleaning Camera Sensor), 2 iPod nanos

Top Case:
2 Sleeping Bags, 2 Big Agnes Aircore Sleeping Pads, 4 Mountain House Meals, Jetboil Stove and Extra Fuel, Sporks, Napkins, Dishtowel, Snacks, Oatmeal, 1 Sweater

Left Pannier:
2 Spare Tubes, Air Compressor, Spare Rear Brake Pads, Olympia Jacket and Pants Liners, Tourmaster Sentinel Rain Suits, 2 Sweaters, 2 Water Bottles,
Velbon Ultra Luxi-L Tripod, Extra Gloves, First Aid Kit, Stocking Cap, 2 Mosquito Net Caps

Tank/Camera Bag:
Raincover, TP, 3x5 Notecards, Inkpen, Pencil wrapped with spare electric and duct tape, Tire Guage wrapped with electric, duct, and 3M 2-sided foam tape (For Camera Mounts),
Memory Cards (Ran out of space on them all), 2 Clear Helmet Visors, Extra Shop Towels, Battery Chargers and Cables Galore, The Camera and Lens that took the photo,
3 lenses, Remote Flash Triggers, Flash, 2 Point-n-Shoot Cameras, Helmet Camera, Minipod, Camera Mount Clamp, Maps, Business and 4x6 Size Contact Cards

As you'll see the packing list and locations packed varied some, but this was how we started out. It was really like fitting together a puzzle to get everything inside the
luggage until it cooled off and we started wearing more.

Computer? We didn't take one. This report is written after the fact on a new desktop (since my old one crashed after getting home). We both carried smartphones that
we used to arrange lodging, search for hopeful weather reports, update Facebook, peruse Advrider, and call the kids in Europe.

Software? Lightroom 3.6, Photomatix Pro 4.2 (For HDR), Microsoft ICE (For Panoramas), PicMonkey (For Fun)


The DSLR is a Pentax K-5. 4 Lenses were used: Pentax DA*16-50, Pentax DA 55-300, Samyang 8mm Fisheye, Tamron 90mm Macro. I carried a flash and remote triggers.
I think I used the flash for just a few shots, and never used the flash triggers. Night photography is easy when it doesn't get dark.

I had 2 Point-n-shoots to begin with. A Panasonic TS3 waterproof model and a Panasonic ZS5. I wouldn't really recommend either at this point...

The helmet camera is a Drift HD1080p.

GPS is a Garmin 60CSx that I used mainly to keep stats and record tracks. The route was highlighted on paper maps. Navigation was never an issue on this trip as it was all "highway".

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