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Originally Posted by Airhead Wrangler View Post well as a charging system that can support a fuel pump.
+1 definitely, this was the biggest problem on the old hondas, unlike these bikes the hondas had no aftermarket electrical system upgrade, you had what you had, you could make it beefier but not more output. We were skimping on everything we could, especially lights. Did you know that even only a few incandescent gauge lights take as much as 35W? But the 400W alternator upgrade would be ESSENTIAL for this project without having to skimp on the lights and such. Although you can shave a whole lot of power by going LED on everything you can and using an HID on the headlight (HID uses 35W vs 55 for a halogen).

I love this idea, but I must say, the carbs on these bikes are so simple and easy to work on and get to. My honda was a PITA with 4 in a row literally stuffed behind the motor. Here you're replacing a simple, easy system with a complicated electronic system that takes a lot of custom programming, all for negligible gains. But if it's a project yer dedicated to, go for it. Make sure you're really dedicated because it's a lot of work to get it right and it could really hurt your bike (or yourself) when doing so.
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