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Day 4

Westport to Galway.

Thank god for a noon checkout time and 600mg of ibuprofen and a greasy breakfast.

Got a later start today as I didn't quite pop out of bed like I have been on previous mornings... The last thing i clearly remember was nearly blowing guiness out my nose when I realized the irish band at the pub was playing George Michael's father figure. After taking a little extra time in town to clear the cobwebs I embarked on what should have been a 2 to 2.5 hour drive to drive through Galway on my way to the South. 7 hours later I find myself finally arriving in Galway after spending the day slowly driving through some pretty incredible landscape with frequent pitstops to wander around and soak up the views. Along the way...

This part of the drive oddly enough soaked up most of my time today. Driving through this section, an hour or two could pass easily without a single soul to be seen. The landscape was different then anything else I've seen on the island thus far, the air was still and had an almost loud silence to it if that makes sense. Complete solitude. Looking at these pictures still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Next time I come back to Ireland, I'm camping here.

A little civilization.

Saw some cars parked on the side of the road so I followed some hikers down a trail..

Another little roadside surprise.. Kylemoore Abbey

Kept cruising to the coast where I shot my favorite pictures from the trip..

My personal favorite

Oddly enough, today was by far my lowest mileage day and still felt like I drove the furthest. Scenery overload. I pull into Galway hangover-free and quite thirsty. Back in the saddle.

Glamour shot!

Love Galway, cool college town.

Up next: Galway to Dingle. That's right, Dingle.
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