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Whether there is a shock bolt problem, depends on how much you believe the Internet. I do not like the design, it "looks weak"

Go back and read all 87 pages of bending bolts and you won't find more than 10 bikes reporting bent bolts. If you consistently bottom the rear suspension the odds are it will bend. If you are doing that, respring it. BMW has not changed it.

BMW has changed the flywheel. It looks like the holes in it will aid cooling the stator. Unannounced and I do not know when it went into production bikes.

Bent rims happen, if you run rock gardens with low air pressures, like a 250lb dirt bike. That is because it weighs 500lb. Since I aired them up, no more problems.

Injectors/fuel pumps + ethanol? Injectors with lots of small holes will not tolerate crap in the fuel very well. It appears some of that came from the pump. Lots of discussion and probably no changes. I posted up a cheap pump source with little feed back so don't know how bad that issue is either. The one incident I had with injectors was cleaned up with Techron.

Using good gas, cleaner occasionally and do not let the gas sit for long, has worked for me. Once the injectures get pitted, they are toast.

They have changed the tensioner, it has a stronger spring for one thing. Its tensioner really does not perform that function. It it did, it would be located near the mid point of the chain near where the greated slack occurs. An extremely long chain is suseptable to stretching. Having a chain that long, with 2 pistons that rise and fall at the same time produces a lot of slack on part of its stroke. Its purpose is to quell whipping that the harmonics of the engine can induce. I prefer the method my KLX uses, 2 chains with an intermediate sprocket.

I think there was a run of undersized rear wheel bores on the 2009 models. Same thing happened with the recalled front axles.
Initially a lot of bearing complaints, now it is more sporadic.
It appears to me that the spoke wheel supplyer is buying bearings from the lowest bidder. Different bearing manufactures and different reports on the amount of grease in them. I "think" BMW got a handle on the initial problem and you can pick the seals off and but more grease in them if you are worried.

I do not think that Triumph passed the BMW either. It is just different. The engine should be smoother, but it is no faster to a 100mph. It will be OK for most dirt the typical rider actually takes this genre of bike.

I thought BMW would put some version of the 900 into the F800gs this year(2013). Probably too many pots in the fire to do it. Maybe next year.

I agree with finding a good dealer. They initiate the warranty process and what they put in their PUMA? report to BMW will have a bearing on the attitude the manufacture takes. BMW Motoraad customer service people are a joke. They obviously are just there for the public relations and my sense is, they know little about what the company sells. If you call them with a complaint, insist that one of the people who actually calls the warranty shots contact you.
BMW Motorrad USA customer service: "We make superior motorcycles and continue to improve them."

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