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Originally Posted by Hunsta View Post
Well its was bound to happen. Everything seemed to go way to well. Motor went back together without a fuss. Started and ran nicely.
But as the old adage says "You reap what you sew" And this was never so pointed out to me today when I took the bike for a tankful full of fuel run. Til now I`d had a litre or 2 in the tank and the runs were rather sedate. Took it for a full-on rap today and found that the fuel cap does not seal well. Actually it sealed very poorly. And to top it off(and this is where the "reap what you sew" comes in) my usually good rattle can spray jobs I can do came undone in a big way. Seems the rather cheap enamel spray cans I used(I repeat Im pretty good at spray can painting) seemed to dissolve before my eyes as fuel poured out of the tank all over.
Moral of the story.
Some sort of respray(with less cheap spray cans. LOL) is now in order
Don't kick yourself too hard!! I've had the same thing happen with decent paint. The crappy gas, that is more chemical than gas, seems to eat just about everything it touches!! Still a very nice finished project!!
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