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Originally Posted by luniz7 View Post
I personally would have your neighbor or good friend do a new notarized bill of sale. Doesnt matter what state the bill of sale is from as long as its you as the buyer. Its $44.00 + the 6% tax on the purchase price. Fee is on one check. My fee was $74.00. You will probably have to have a Visual Vin Inspection as well. This is super easy. I got mine done at one of the emissions stations here in CO. It was $20 and they just make sure that the VIN hasnt been modified.

Read here:
Awesome, thanks for the info! I have a 1985 Suzuki GS 450, so not a problem there! What do you do if the motorcycle isn't running, do they send someone to your house to check out the VIN or am I going to have to tow it there? Either way, thanks for the clarification!
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