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M9 Day 13, Thursday May 24, 2012

We'd rounded third base, and were pushing for home. We had some 240 miles routed, and two days. Easy Peasy -- 120miles/day.

Famous last words like, "Hold my beer, and watch this."

Even though we were in a canyon and it stayed dark longer, we were up early,

Dave spent some time in the morning properly stretching. As if he somehow KNEW the pain we were in for.

It's not like there weren't signs. I think we were just in denial. When we stopped to toss our garbage I recall the host asking where we were headed, and when we told him "Up Left Hand Fork road", he told us about the Mountain Man Rendezvous, and then his eyes widened, and he said "Left Hand Fork is really, really, REALLY rough." "But it goes through"

"Really rough"? we said. "Meh, WE'RE really rough... gol durn recreational-vehicle-camper-sleeping-host-guy, we'll show you!"

And off we went,

I know AlbertaStrom has some nice video, hopefully he'll lay it down here for everyone's entertainment.
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