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Thanks for the info, hopefully I won't have to do a VIN check, although the two statements below from the VT application instructions PDF kind of contradict each other:

A visual verification of the identification number (serial number) of your vehicle is required if the vehicle is required to be titled and:

Was last registered in another state (unless purchased from an out of state dealer fo rthe purpose of registering in VT) or

The vehicle is a motorcycle with an engine size of 300cc's or more and last registered in another state or

Is a non-titleable motorcycle with an engine size of 500 ccs or more cc's unless proof of a previous registration is submitted.

I am guessing that since the first sentence says "required to be titled" means that my bike does not apply to the 300cc rule because since my bike (Non-running Suzuki 1985 GS 450L) is more than 15 years old, it is non titleable, meaning only the 500cc rule would apply....confirming that I do not need a VIN check. Who knows, government lingo is always worded so they have a way to do either if they choose to. I'll be more than happy to verify my legitimate VIN if it gets me a registration card that will turn into an IL title.

With the above verbiage Luniz7 should not have had to do a VIN verification. Luniz, did you just have a VIN verification completed before you sent in your application (to be proactive), or did you send it in and they responded with the VIN verification requirement? - you had provided this link, but it only references New Vehicles and Used Vehicles 15 yrs old and Newer? So happy to see that after the little hiccup with them upping the registration fee, you have a registered bike to ride!

Hopefully this runs smooth as pie, I think the prime bikes for this procedure are bikes that are 500ccs or less and greater than 15 years old (although I am sure this has been mentioned at least 10x in previous posts of this thread).

Willis - at least you had a Nevada title at all. I, Mr. Irresponsible, lost my Wisconsin title already signed over to me before I registered because the battery went out and the bike went into storage within 2 weeks of obtaining it. This was an ebay purchase that was completed outside of Ebay so I have no way of finding out the owners contact info (unlisted). I did find on the Wisconsin DMV site that they have a vehicle/driver information request form where you can request the previous owners name/address for $7.00. I've had the bike for 7 years and no theft report has been filed, so even if he got shady all the sudden, he would have no proof in court (plus I have the bill of sale). If contacting him, provided WI gives me the information, doesn't pan out, I'll be happy to increase Vermont's revenue :) I'll also be happy to pay tax on the original sale price to VT if this all works out, even though it is currently not running!

Happy Riding All -

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