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We flick the switch

in and out, nothing. We disassembled the switch.

it's packed with dirt. Phew, we think. Problem solved. We reassemble it, turn the key, hit the starter and... nothing.

Damn. Escalate troubleshooting... disassemble and bridge contacts, bypass kill switch...

turn key, hit starter. Nothing.

Damn. Escalate troubleshooting. Gear off, expose wires, trace starter circuit. Utilize multimeter and tester...

Idly start brainstorming contingency plans... No cell service, hmmm. Tow the bike out, through that?

We start pulling relays and trying to test what they do when powered. None of this is making sense, the kill switch is just a switch, we've bypassed it, made it irrelevant. It's got to be something else.

Well, we figured, there's three things that will disable the starter circuit by design: The kill switch, the kickstand switch (bypassed, still nothing), and... the clutch switch. (bypassed, and...) bingo, she turns over. Whew. 2 hours to troubleshoot that. I think we were sidetracked by the red herring kill-switch connection.

Back to the slog,

I'm sure Dave and LDF have their own take on the morning's adventure... I was having a blast, we were fully engaged using all our faculties in riding, troubleshooting, fixing, survival, prioritization, judgement, thinking, teamwork, woo hoo! Good stuff.
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