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This was an eventful day and I took a lot of photos and video. Now I know some of you would rather have fewer vids but whatevah! I'm posting a few

The morning was beautiful, and morning riding is my favorite bit.
The camp host never used the phrase "it's a perfectly good road" so we should have known better, but we thought the toughest sections were behind us in Idaho.

There were plenty of campers at the rendezvous, many had apparently reserved spots days in advance by taping off prime spots.

We started to encounter sections that were not difficult but perhaps signs of things to come

And then...

Dave's scouting report was a "good news and bad news" explanation of what the next two miles held in store. "Nothing as bad as this section" he said "but there are a few bad bits we'll have to slog through". Good enough...let's go!

A "tough section" where Dave helped me out

This sums it up...but this is before Dave broke my bike

I was worried for a while that I'd be camping there for the night.
Francine was extremely patient with us while we were trouble shooting.
Interesting that you don't realize how concerned you were until you feel the intense relief of a successful resolution.
thanks Dave & Francine...great team work
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