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Day 3 –Monday, July 23, 2012 –Bear Lake Utah to Sulpher Campground, Ut

Got up and broke camp and ran the first off-road section for us (N to S), it actually had some intermediate technical stuff in it. But was a lot of fun, and nice to have some challenges. Soon after it opened up as we ran into Woodruff Ut. From there we decided to run down to Evanston WY and grab some grub there. Ended up in some bar right downtown (lots of glass block – which I find is a good thing to look for in old bars), and began to stink the place up while drinking some lunch – we washed the beer down with some sandwiches also.

Early Morning Ridin

More like it

Things get drier

Our first red rocks

Evanston had everything you need, including some chain lube at the local Yammy shop. Nice guys there, can’t remember the name –can’t be more than one. Got some gas, and decided to load up on some cool drinks and ice for camp, but of course, being Wyoming we were told, you have to go to a liquor store to buy beer. What are we in the Bible belt or something? So we do that, and decide to pick up a new camping buddy…Captain Morgan.


South of Evanston we pick up our first alternate sections. The first one lead to a deceptively deep water crossing. I think the rains made a bit more water than normal. Jessie barreled into it going about 30 and about kissed his front fender, but a big hop later and he bounced out of the deep water. Of course, John goes bezerker on the crossing and guns it for a different section, the water goes up to his tank and stalls him out, but he keeps it upright. A few tense minutes of cranking and he’s out of the crossing also. I wuss out and tip toe across it like a little girl. We then strip down and use the crossing for a makeshift Jacuzzi tub. There was pretty good flow in it so it stayed clear and cold which felt great after the heat that had built in Wyoming.

After lunch, back to Utah

Don’t know what I’m doing here, but I’m not doin it very fast

The next expert section appeared to be a short rocky hill climb easily by-passed, and since dark clouds were threatening, we made a run south to some campgrouns up by Mirror Lake. We stop at one that looked like it had our main preferences (Crapper, Creek, Table and Firering). I believe it was called Sulphur. Soon after we arrive, the heavens opened up on us – I made a quick dash for the tent just in time, but left my boots out to get soaked. John went looking for wood and came back with a couple of pyromanics from the next campsite, and they proceeded to build a roaring white gas fire in no time. The rain passes after an hour or so and it dries right up and we have a great evening of camaraderie – and some Pirate Plunder (See Capt Morgan reference above)

Nice Camping at Sulfer Campgroung

Next, up Camping in Canyons.
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