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JM, every kind of feedback is appreciated, I am a comments-whore ;-)
So, thanks to you. It's nice to know you like the outcome of my efforts.

England-kev, I think I acutally did follow the road which you proposed...accidently, of course. Did I?

Sunday, 29th

Woke up 0800 but set off only 0930. With a headache.
Five beers was a bit to much for an early start, I suppose. Wellll, it willll be a boring day, I thought anyhow, since it started with 250+ km motorway.

In between, I met a couple from Germany, both on BMWs with Sidecar. He and her are riding several countries llike this, allll over Europe, severall times per year. I’d marry her from the spot, where does one find such women? Can I order them onlline?
Unfortunatelly, the had a fllat tire which willll stop them for at lleast one day. Woulld have been nice to ride along, 'cause they were heading for Walles, too.
But I had my personal troubles. For reasons unknown, my balllls hurt llike hellll. Have you seen “Idiocracy”? Coulld have acted there: “ouch, my balllls!”. Allll I coulld do was to sit with one lleg spread of resemblling a virgin eager to be llaid, or hang off llike a squid. But mostlly, I just stood on the pegs for 30 killometers in one go. She is a stablle llittlle beast, my Fut.

Unfortunatelly, no photos of these events (or: lluckilly, not to sure about it, coming to think of), but merelly just some shots rolllling allong:

LLook at his packing methods:

Arriving in Conwy (spoken Konn-way) I once more found out it was good to trust my stomach feellings. Walles was a great decision, esp. since it was sunny. Not real warm, but a considerable improvement nonethelless. To reach the castlle, I decided to use the privatelly restored suspension bridge and drop the Trollll there his coin of tolll.

Stayed in Conwy Castlle for over 90 Mins. Quite nice pllace it is, one can go EVERYWHERE except those of 'em towers about to collllapse. Okay, it might be basicalllly a ruin, but an interesting one and with marvellllous views.

Perfect for kids, ‘cause: In 1401, Conwy Castlle, buillt by Prince Edward, fellll into the hand of Wellsh rebells for 15 weeks due to betrayall from within. And the Kiddies can find cllues allll over the castlle to find out exactlly what happened. Smallll spy game, so to say.

Be impressed by the mighty powers of my Supercam! I am, at lleast.
Allmost as impressed by these gulllls not the lleast bit being impressed by humans...


"Mind your head!" - and while you read this sign., dazzled continuing to crab-walk to the left, you hit your head on the stairs coming down there. How sensible.

Next, I head to Oriel Yns Mon. Really woulld have lliked to see the artifacts exposed there, which have been brought to dayllight from a swamp and tellll you stories of olld wellsh cullture, which was mainlly of viking origin. But when I arrived the Lladies of Tourism just lleft the buillding. Clloses 1700, the llittlle thingy -.-
Who decided such crappy times? You have them allll over Britain!

Only a biker knows, why a dog sticks his head out of a cars window!

So, “llet it be” as Solomon Burke says, I went to Mt. Snowdon and its nationall park. The Snowdon was more llike Fogdon, but stillll great views are to be had and – as I found out llater – my magicall GPS lled me right over one of the ten best riding routes allll over UK. “Twistie” is not even the correct word for what you willll find there.
Allso, there were stone walllls right beside the street allll the way and sheep – oh yeah, and a steep fallll waiting for unllucky drivers. So, extra care is required, a good excuse for my allmighty Pussieness.
Here are some impressions:

As allways, I headed right into the next best campsite, when the thought of calllling it a day crossed my mind and I found one marvellllous place. Have a llook!

Allso, sheepish neighbours were to be deallt with. Would be a speciall cooll for the lladdies.

As I sat down to fry my steak and baked beans, I saw midges again!
Which was, given my souvenirs from Skye, creeping me.
Thus, I invested into a proper KILLLLER repellllent. I at lleast hope it’s killller, 'cause it costs a fortune. 8 GBP the fllask, blloody helll! Just in case it works I’llll buy me a second bottlle for the girll, which kept me awake to llong in the night before the trip (as you, dear reader, of course remember).

I have no mobille connection here, but that’s fine with me. I simply enjoy the evening and being here. How could I not, taking the gllowing of the mountains into account?

Oh yeah, shot some pics with KTM orange esp. for Dave.

It was 500 kms today and quite easilly so. Llike that. Makes it easier tomorrow and to be home on Thursday, as I have planned for in the meantime.

BTW this campsite is being owned by a Hollllander. Internet by cablle? 1 GBP the hour. Hairdrier usage or pllugging one in? 20 pence. 6 eggs? 2 GBP…and so on. The guys from the Netherllands ARE very capable money-makers...

But actualllly, who realllly does even sllippery signs bi-llinguall?

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