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Originally Posted by djg View Post
Rivercreep, please tell me about your polarized eyewear that you use at night. I did some searching on polarized lenses. I found polarized night glasses for sale, but the professional sources on the internet did not recommend polarized lenses for night driving. Thanks.

It's much like how even gradual tinted shields also have a no night use on them = lawsuit protection, simple as that.

Like I said, to look at mine, they look slightly smokey, that's it. All I asked the Eye Dr. for was the lightest tint available.
B.T.W. he was a private Dr. not a guy from lense crafters, pearl vision or one of the chain establishments.

F.W.I.W. they're about 6 yrs old (my vision hasn't changed) but I can't see a very light tint polarized lense NOT being available from a reputable eye Dr.
B.T.W He also didn't recommend them for night driving. I find they work perfect and I can see much better at night with them, than I can my normal glasses. Glare is what kills me more than anything. Polarized lenses are THE only solution there.
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