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What would you guys use for the gearbox? I was told honda 80w-85w trans oil would be okay. Also I've been told by my dirtbiking friends that I should use fuel treatment and octane booster with pump gas or racing fuel if I can get it. It feels like the pilot jet is a bit off, lots of popping and rough running at small throttle openings, but screams like it should once I open it up. I took her out to the pine barrens and the shocks seem to be fine (found myself flyimng over quite a few dirthills), but there is oil on the forks so it looks like its time for new seals. I figure 15-20wt fork oil should be good. I also need an air filter and I'm gonna order two plugs, has an old splitfire in it but I was gonna go with the ngk ones that came on the bike.
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