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Originally Posted by Padmei View Post
Wow the memories.
I got a 79 DT175 as an apprentice many years ago. Loved it & hated it. The muffler was always choked with oil, back shoes only were good for half of their depth before locking the brake cam, used to carbon up & start screaming like a banshee while I would panic, turn the key off, pull the sparkplug out, get a whoooa of a whack off the plug then find something big & unmovable to ram the front wheel against till it died... My blood pressure is going up just thinking about it. Unfortunately I was always broke so couldn't afford to replace the kick starts. After number 3 I resorted to crashstarting each time... in rushhour....
It did teach me that a small less powerful bike can be as much fun as the IT250s & PEs of the time. And introduced me to the sport of enduros. I also did my first engine rebuild - got the slide stuck in the carb on reassembly & ran it in on the first kick at 10 000 RPM.

Did you know that they brought them out again in 1989 & the price was the same as in 1979 - $1500.00
Nice... I did not get this because it was what I was looking for, I bought it because it was cheap and in decent shape. I thought if I am going to mess up a bike trying to restore it mine as well be a cheap one.
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