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Originally Posted by AdvGa View Post
This link should give you some good options and more universal VR fittings:

Here are some other bike installs to review:

Thanks, have checked those out, and basically every other Shindengen writeup I could find.

Originally Posted by bomose View Post
I have been having the same problem. Everything checked out OK. I cleaned all the connections and it seemed to to be fine. I started to crank it the other night and it seemed like a weak battery. Then it just started clicking.Load tested the battery and it was good. Took the connections back apart including grounds.Seems good now.I'll be interested to hear your prognosis because I'm leaving for Colorado next Thursday. So hurry up and check it out!
I'm on it! So here's a little update...

Finally made it back home to NYC... what a trip it's been.
A day or two before leaving, I decided to throw the original battery in. Then I decided to test it out again, and by test it... I mean do something stupid like go ride some more technical trails in the woods. Mistake.

A few drops, and a few slow sections and the bike wouldn't start up. Battery completely dead. And it went from a good healthy reading of running around 13.5V and a resting voltage of 12.8V, to completely nothing. No lights w/ key on, nothing. Of course I didn't bring my new spare with me. So, I pushed the sucker as far up a hill out of the woods as I could before surrendering and calling a local friend. He picked me up and took me back to my temporary garage to get the new battery. Put it in and all was fine.

When I got the old 8AH battery home after the ride, it was reading a resting voltage of around 12.7V. This was about 2 hours after it wouldn't even light up the bike. I let it sit the rest of the night, and checked again in the morning. It had climbed to 12.9V. At this point, I'm pretty convinced that it's just plain faulty. Load tested fine at the store, but yea, totally unreliable.

So, of course I do the sensible thing and throw it back in the bike for my home! Hey why fry a brand new batt if I don't have to.

So, I figure the ride back to NYC, I'll just take all interstate. Keep the charging system running at it's 13.4V, keep the fan off and all will be good. BORING! Hopped off, rode some twisty dirt roads. Kept the fan off, but after hopping back onto some local tarmac, I watched the volts just drop, without the fan running. And by drop I mean not just down to the 12.7V on the battery, I mean down to 12... 11.8V etc.

Of course, next fuel stop the bike wont start, so I throw in the new battery. Fingers crossed because at this point it looks like the VR had just completely shit the bed. New battery in and everything is running fine (consistent with the symptoms.) Thank god. Managed to make it back to my garage. Plugged the new battery in the tender and before leaving the garage that night it was reading full charge.

So, I ordered up a Shindengen FH020AA. I had read some reports of people using the FH012AA. Wanted to make sure there wasn't a difference, so for anyone wondering the 020 replaces the 012. So, seems that's the one to go with. Expecting it to show up tomorrow or Thur, so stay posted.
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