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I was gonna say......
voltage regulator and stator rarely if ever malfunction
usually it is bad battery connections or a weakened battery
leaving a battery low on charge overnight will kill it
and it needs to be fresh and not sitting on the shelf at the shop for 10 years and not overcharged intitially
you can even get a new battery that is junk too, rarly but it happens
8 AH is no where near enough, starting it would be like trying to plow a field with a pony, 14 AH is more like a plow horse

battery voltage should be more like 13 to 13.8 at rest
12-13volts could be a sign that it is getting weak on storage amps
sounds like the VR is working properly by dropping back at hi rev
all the readings you report point to battery condition
the battery is the capacitor in the charging system , If the battery has a weak cell, voltage fluctuations will be apparent as the voltage regulator attempts to compensate for the lack of steady rate capacitance through the battery

Battery is difficult to test for amperage capacity .sometimes voltage looks OK and the lights seem brite, but it just doesnt have enough output power, You would need a load tester,
it sucks because it is hard to believe the battery is actually bad and it costs so much to gamble on at $150 for a battery so I dont want to be the guy to tell you to roll the dice
I got a nice Yuasa here in the shed that has been holding 12.2 volts for years but it wont start the bike , I keep it around to test 12 volt devices and such

always buy the highest quality lead acid battery possible for this bike and treat her like a lady, its worth the extra $
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