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Originally Posted by WitchKing View Post
kay, no spark. tested for continuity from the frame to the coil, from the coil to the beginning of the wire to the cap, and it's all good, then I tested the spark plug with one lead on the part where the cap connects, and one on the other end, not on the side electrode, on the center electrode, and nothing. bad plugs? (please) and what i meant by stay lit was does it keep sparking, or is it just for a second?
I think you need to check for resistance in the plug wire instead of just continuity. If resistance gets too high in the wire, you won't get spark, but still show continuity. I've never tested a spark plug before, but if you think thats the problem just get a new one and test it.

It shouldnt stay lit, just a flash.

I'm not much help I can't remember this shit properly, used to know it pretty well but its been a few years.
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