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There was some road work as we got close to the border, but it wasnít too bad. Right before we got there, there was a new church being built next to the road. They were actually cutting the marble for it right on site, from big chunks cut from the mountain behind

Off in the distance, you can see the Geo border

We passed there pretty fast, nice people, no problems. As this border hasnít been open long for foreigners, we were sort of a novelty. The it was about 5km to the Russian border, on a crappy road thru tunnels that had nice big holes full of water, no lights, mo markings. Fun!
When we got close, traffic was backed up a good ways. We stopped, but after a few minutes, I decided not to wait, so we went to the front of the line, & ducked in line at the barricade. A Russian guard yelled at me, Poly translated it as Ďdoes the order have no meaning for you?í
Basically, he was bitching at me for cutting the line. Luckily, they let us in anyhow. This border took a bit longer. They donít like my passport, as its well used, & has had extra pages added twice. Then they didnít like my bike papers, or my license plate, as it has no numbers. Finally, they let us in.

Traffic waiting at the border
My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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