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Not sure what happened to the top box, except maybe the drop on on mosquito pass released the lock.

Well we rode through Redstone as Todd explained and Asked those guys if the pass was open and if we could make it. They said "oh yeah easy" Something didn't feel right about the answer and after looking at them figured a little TN's finest might lube them a little and bring out the honesty. It worked after a sip or two they said we were crazy to try it. Believed them this time. We had to decide to ride another 1.5 hours minimum over another dirt pass to get to Crested Butte or get a camp site and head back to Redstone for dinner. We all voted to stay. Redstone for dinner amounted to a nice meal at a bar that I remembered from 20+ years ago.

Todd and I did a little sidewalk surfing.

Before heading back to camp I talked the boys into a bath I found while I was waiting for them to catch up when my top box fell off. Could not imagine what was keeping them. Should mention here the top box is where I kept the heater while riding. oops. Note to self; smaller gun next time keep it on you at all times.

Free bath

We were talked into a mud facial. I don't have pictures but I know advtenn does. We looked like Rambo

Returned to the Crystal Club for one last beer in clean cloths and it turns out I knew the owner from 20 years ago and he remembers me. Billy was awesome to us and let us sleep on his back deck and left the bar unlocked so we could use the bathroom that night. The Crystal Club should be a stop on every ADV'ers travels if you are in that neighborhood. Ask for Billy, tell him you know us and prepare to be welcomed in a way that would make a southerner blush. Great people. Can't thank them enough.
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