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Originally Posted by bomose View Post
Mine seems to be working OK right now. I went for a 250 mile ride Sunday with no problems. I've started the bike 6 times in a row. The resting rate is @ 12.9 volts. At 5000 rpm it charges @ 14.1. I'm leaving Thursday morning. Wish me luck. I did hook up a wire so I could jump start it if I had to. Problem is, I'll be riding with a Harley guy, so that would be embarrassing. I'll report back in 10 days, if I'm able.
Good luck!
12.9 resting does seem low to me (I guess it depends what kind of load you have at idle) but at least your having, what seems to me at least, a normal increase in V w/ RPM.

My idea of how a charging system "should" work may be incorrect, but it is my ultimate goal... That is a resting rate of at least 14.0 V under a "normal" load, and a rate of around 14.3V under throttle. We'll see how this Shindengen effects things, but I'm hoping that's the outcome.

Especially as I plan to add a greater load to the system compared to the minimal voltmeter + gps combo I'm running now. Ultimate goal is to add heated grips (3A) and at least one 2A USB charging load to the system with no adverse effects. Ideally a charging solution for laptop as well. Shouldn't be a problem with a properly functioning RR IMHO.
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